Metal Roofing

Our venerable founder started out as a house framer, then segued to building custom homes. Realizing he had what it took to build a thriving construction company, he began to embrace every project that came along.

Katy Roofers Replacing or repairing a roof is never child’s play, even for an experienced custom home builder. It involves proper design, working with the city’s powers-that-be to get permits and pass inspections. It involves using quality materials and manpower. Precise estimating is a factor, too. Sticking to a customer’s budget is another important piece of the puzzle. Aligning expertise with the customer’s vision… helping customers decipher any required insurance claims forms… even helping finance a purchase… it all matters when the success of a business rests on your shoulders!

Our customers often come to us feeling more than a little “in over their heads.” But that’s where all our hard-won expertise can help. We’ve all been through the process many times. We can help reduce your stress levels. Having “a friend in the business” is a bonus – one to cherish. Our customers love our ability to keep their blood pressure from rising to outlandish levels!

Whether you’re having your roof repaired or your home remodeled, it takes time, and it’s not much fun.  That’s why we’re sticklers about letting you know what you’re in for and how long it will take us to finish up so you‘ll have a sense of equilibrium about the whole process. We carefully advise you every step of the way so there are no surprises.

We’ll tackle brick work, carports, concrete work, custom remodels, decks, garage conversions, patio covers, room add-ons, and second story work.

Whenever a Katy’s roof is damaged by raging elements -- fire, water, storms, hail – the insurance you carry usually covers repairs. We perform structural repairs and help you understand the insurance protocol. And we prioritize catastrophic repairs, because the sooner we address your situation, the sooner you’ll be snug, secure and smiling again.
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